Oct 7, 2020
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Building Confidence Beyond Belief

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One of the main ingredients to creating a life of good health, wealth and happiness is confidence.  Let’s face it, if you want to continue to move toward your dreams and goals you must have the confidence to do it.

 We’ve all heard it said via motivational speakers, teachers and coaches that our past does not equal our future.  In other words, even if we have made bad choices in the past, lived in poverty, or experienced some other unfortunate or undesirable circumstance, we can still re-create our lives and live a happy and abundant lifestyle in every way.

 Although I believe this statement to be completely accurate, I also believe that there is a very big piece of it missing.  What that statement does not say is that when a person emerges from a negative past and begins to pursue a healthier and happier future; there are certain limiting beliefs that were derived out of that past that must be addressed before a complete mindset shift can take place.  Change your mind, change your life – absolutely.  But first, make sure you’ve changed your mind.  If the limiting beliefs are not properly addressed, the person will invariably find themselves back in a place of struggle.  Why?  Because they lack the confidence and positive belief system necessary to become and remain successful.  Notice I’ve underlined the word remain.  While anyone can reach a specific goal, it will take a healthy belief system to maintain its position and benefits.

  Just as it is true that once you change your mindset you can completely re-create your life, it is equally true that it’s going to take effort, time and consistency to remove the negative beliefs that were previously implanted in order to maintain that lifestyle and experience long term success.

 This is why there are far less people at the top of the income chain than there are in the struggle.  The majority of people are seeking immediate gratification and the thought of spending months, even years, re-programming their minds can be discouraging and therefore many quit before they reach their goals.  Others find it easier and safer to settle for where they are and some have convinced themselves that they like it there.

 Developing unshakable confidence and changing negative belief systems is not only applicable to those who are seeking a lifestyle of the rich and famous, but also for those who want to pursue a specific passion or interest, or simply to live a happier, healthier life.  The effort and consistency it takes to have the appreciation for life that is required to experience true and meaningful happiness includes having the confidence to move forward without reservation, no matter what the target is.

 Over the years, various methods have been discovered to help people delve into their subconscious minds and replace the negative, limiting thoughts with the thoughts necessary to build a healthier belief system and gain confidence and esteem, taking a person through this process in a much faster and more efficient way.  Bottom line – certain practices and methods can save years and the effectiveness and benefits are life-changing and life-lasting.

 Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful of these methods in existence.  When we are in a relaxed state, we are 200 times more susceptible to the power of suggestion.  By inducing a person into a state of total relaxation, the hypnotherapist is then able to plant new seeds of thought into the subconscious mind, overriding the old thought patterns and bypassing the conscious mind altogether so there is no resistance.  Millions of people use this method to quit smoking, lose weight, increase abundance and accomplish many other behavioral and lifestyle changes.

 Another incredibly effective technique is meridian-based tapping which is more commonly referred to as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  This technique was derived from the ancient Chinese physical healing practice known as acupuncture.  While acupuncture is a physical healer, EFT is a tapping technique which is widely used as an “emotional healer” by clearing our energy pathways of negativity.   By focusing on a specific fear or negative belief while tapping specific acupuncture points on the body, the fear or belief can be removed, often permanently.

 As an advocate of self-awareness and wellness, and having used both hypnotherapy and EFT in my own life transformation and for my clients, I completely support both of these methods.  I confidently recommend both to those who are seeking to significantly (or even slightly) improve the quality of their lives and rid themselves of self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.

 Recently, Hypnosis and EFT have been combined to create an even more powerful technique, further excelling this process and pushing its success rate to greater heights.

 Whatever tools you choose to pick up along your personal development journey, make sure you begin by building a foundation that will equip you for the many twists and turns that will come your way.   Building a strong emotional foundation will enable you to become a confident, productive and unstoppable force.  It begins by ridding yourself of limiting thoughts and developing a healthy, confident mindset, which is mandatory for lifetime success.  The world is your oyster – crack it open.

One of the main ingredients to creating a life of good health, wealth and happiness is confidence.  Let’s face it, if you want to continue to move toward your dreams and goals you must have the confidence to do it.  We’ve all heard it said via motivational speakers, teachers and…

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