Oct 3, 2020
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Funny Motivational Sayings That Will Have You Believing Anything Is Possible

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Everyone needs a little bit of motivation from time and time and we all respond in different ways. There are many days when people may not feel like going to work but the paycheck at the end of the month provides the motivation that is needed.


Similarly, some students may feel that lectures are a bit dull at times but the chance of graduating with great marks and getting a better job can help people get into action.


Having an incentive at the end of a task is often a proper incentive for many people but this is not always an option. There are some times when people will need to provide their own level of motivation and a great way to gear themselves into action can be to think of funny motivational sayings.

Something funny can really put a smile on people’s faces and make them feel a whole lot better about life. This is something that can make all the difference when it comes to finding motivation and gaining that final push to take action.

The right funny motivational sayings will often depend on the situation but no matter what the person is going through, there will be something to life their spirits and enhance their mood. If work is difficult, there are many great office based sayings that can help them to look at the lighter side of life.

If a person needs to get themselves motivated for a sporting encounter, there are some fantastic funny motivational sayings from some of the world’s greatest sportsmen and women to inspire.

Many people believe that Mohammed Ali was the greatest and the funny thing is, so did he and he wasn’t slow in telling the world. If you enjoy sports and need to find some inspiration, you could do a lot worse than read the funny motivational sayings that Ali came up with in his career.

You may not want to be the heavyweight champion of the world but you can definitely find inspiration by looking for inspirational quotes.



Take time to think – thoughts are the source of power.


Take time to play – play is the secret to perprtual youth.


Take time to read – reading is the fountain of wisdom.


Take time to pray – prayer can be a rock of strenght in time of need.


Take time to love – loving is what makes living worthwhile.


Take time to be friendly – friendships give life a delicious flavor.


Take time to laugh – laughter is the music of the soul.


Take time to give – sharing brings joy to your heart.


Take time to work – work is the price of success.


Take time to dream – dreams show you what is possible.


Take time to do your work well – pride in your work nourishes the mind and the spirit.


Take time to show appreciation – it’s the frosting on the cake of life.

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