Oct 15, 2020
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How to Get and Stay Motivated

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As the end of week one of my fitness journey approaches, I take note that the biggest challenge this week was staying motivated.  Yes, the owner of QuotesGuru was rummaging through the bottom of her motivation purse for spare change.  Now, how could that happen?  Did I give it all away?

Truthfully, that lack of motivation was merely a state of mind.  Motivation is an unlimited resource, if you know where  and how to access it.  So where exactly do we find motivation when it appears to elude us?

As I stated previously, motivation is a state of mind and obviously not something we can touch or see.  This is why we listen to motivational audios or speakers – because they trigger something in our thought process which enables us to, once again, bring forth the motivation we were certain had jumped state lines.  Motivation is a feeling.

You would think that knowing this would make it fairly simple to self-motivate, right?  Not always.  Just as we have motivating thoughts, we also have thoughts which steal our energy and our power.  Without gaining control of and reversing those debilitating thoughts, self-motivation can prove to be a bit of a challenge.   Below are a few techniques that I use to motivate myself and they are very effective if done consistently.  I’m not going to tell you that you won’t have days that will challenge you, because you probably will.   Remember, I just had a few of those days myself.  However, I will say that using the following techniques will keep you in a consistently motivated state of mind and will also help you get through those rough spots much faster and easier.

1.  Affirmations.  We’ve heard over and over again how powerful affirmations are for healing, motivation, health, wealth, and overall well-being.  The reason behind affirmation popularity is simple.  They work!  affirmations replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and when repeated over a period of time, they retrain the brain.  You are basically brainwashing yourself.  If you are new to affirmations and interested in learning more about them, you can purchase a copy of my book Just Make it Happen! which dedicates a full chapter to affirmations and includes examples.  As a second option, you can look for my article later in week wherein I will provide more in depth information as well as affirmation examples or pick from the vast amount of articles on the internet.

  1. 2.  Visualization.  I use this technique in every area of my life which is why you will see it mentioned often in my articles.  The power of visualization is amazing.  By visualizing yourself in an empowered state, whether it be in fitness, health, wealth, or in any other capacity, you are sending a message to your brain that this is real and it then responds as such.  If you are on a fitness journey, visualizing a slimmer, healthier you will cause you to begin craving healthier foods and wanting to exercise.  I know, it sounds a bit far-fetched but believe me, you will wantto eat right and exercise!  The key to visualization is in the detail and the emotions.  Truly place yourself in the moment that you’re visualizing, as if it were actually happening.  This is an incredible and extremely effective method for motivation and manifestation.
  2. Keep a Journal.  By keeping track of your food intake and exercise, you are tuned into the fitness journey and are far less likely to skip the gym or overeat if you know you have to account for it.  That holds true even if you are only accounting to yourself.  Actually writing down that you did not go to the gym has the same effect as telling another person.  Accountability tends to keep us on track and motivated.   Keep recording your progress and it will keep pushing you forward, no matter what the goal is.  Plan Ahead.   Plan your day the evening before and be sure to schedule in exercise.  Make your plan detailed to include time periods for tasks and events.  Also pre-plan your meals and make sure you have everything you need when the time comes to prepare them.  This is another very effective method of keeping on track and staying motivated.  The more you review and record what you are doing, you keep the motivation fresh and at the surface.  It’s when we become lax that our motivation seems to retreat and becomes more difficult to access.

I’ve explained these techniques as they apply to fitness goals, however they can be used in any capacity.  Remember, motivation is a mindset, and once you’ve learned to control your thoughts, you will have learned how to get and stay motivated.  Don’t worry if you have an off day once in awhile, sometimes we need a little break.  Just make sure to pick back up where you left off and keep moving.

Stay tuned for my upcoming articles this week where I will be sharing a few tricks and tips as well as a fun challenge for you.


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