Oct 10, 2020
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How to Get “Unstuck”

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How many times have we said to ourselves that we are stuck somewhere, in some way or with someone?  Whether it’s a dead end job, an unhappy relationship or some other unsettling and unsatisfying circumstance, the real question is – are we really stuck there are have we chosen to be stuck there?

If we truly understood that what we think and believe is what we attract into our lives, so many of us would pay better attention to the thoughts we are entertaining.

Our thoughts are creators.  Every single object that surrounds us began with a thought.  Even our current state of existence is drawn from what we are thinking.  By thinking that we are stuck in a certain income class, a certain job or trapped in a relationship with a certain person, then yes, we are indeed, “stuck” there.  Why?  Simply because we believe that we are.  Once a thought becomes a belief we do not make an effort to change it.  We truly believe that we are stuck! We then subconsciously take actions and seek out people, places, and things which will support that belief.

An example of this is a person who believes they are undeserving, or incapable of making more money.  Rather than focus on creating ideas and seeking ways to increase their earning potential, the person will likely apply for low paying jobs rather than higher paying jobs for fear that they will fail or out of the belief that they aren’t qualified, aren’t good enough and therefore why even try?  They may believe they will embarrass themselves.  Or worse, what if they get the job, can’t do it and get fired?

Can you see how we sabotage our own success and limit ourselves?  If you truly place value IN the value of your life, stop now!  Begin today to make a conscious effort to change the way you think.

Debbie and Johnny grew up together.  They lived on the same block, went to the same school and had the same friends.  Today, Debbie is a doctor and Johnny is a cashier.  The only difference between Debbie and Johnny is Debbie has a higher education, had the willingness to make it happen and the belief that she could.  That’s it.  Debbie was not born under a magical star, bearing universal favoritism.  Debbie simply made an effort to make it happen and followed through.  She believed!  Debbie learned how to control, direct and focus her thoughts.

You can begin to greatly improve your life experiences almost immediately by simply paying attention to the conversations you are having with yourself.  When you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive one.  Keep doing this until it becomes a habit.  Do not try to stuff or bury a negative thought by ignoring or denying it because it will inevitably find its way back to the surface.  Rather, acknowledge it and then redirect your focus to something positive.  The most effective way to get rid of toxic thoughts is to replace them with empowering ones.  In doing so you are attracting other positive and empowering thoughts which in turn will bring positive events, people and things into your environment and chase off the toxic ones.

Thousands of thoughts flow through our minds each day.  It would be impossible to monitor every single one of them without going mad.  The good news is – we don’t have to.  Many of the thoughts which pass through our minds aren’t there long enough to make any significant impact on our lives or our beliefs.  Instead, the thoughts which we attach ourselves to and focus on are the thoughts that we should monitor.  How do we know which ones we’re focusing on?  By the way we feel.  Trace the feeling back to the thought and you will find what thought you are focused on.  If it isn’t serving you or others, evict it.


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