Oct 10, 2020
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The Power of Taking Action

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Visualization is one of the most powerful tools we have to turn our dreams into reality.  I can attest that since I have made visualization one of my daily rituals I have manifested some pretty amazing things and circumstances.  But there’s a catch (there usually is).  Had I had not partnered visualization with action, the manifestations would surely have stood me up.

  Most of us have heard the phrase “Thoughts become things.”   What it should say is, “Thoughts followed by action, become things.”  Without action, thoughts remain within the confines our imaginations.

  In order to shed a little more light on this, let’s look at Tom.  Tom is employed as a production worker in a large factory.  He is continuously daydreaming about life as a multimillionaire and often shares his vision with his friends, family and co-workers.  Each day, Tom follows the exact same routine and does not take any action steps toward his dream of becoming a multimillionaire.  Each morning he gets up, showers, eats breakfast and goes to work.  After work he comes home, has dinner and usually watches television until he falls asleep.  Next day – repeat.  He has not set a goal or developed a plan and therefore he has not taken a single action to make his dream into a reality (setting goals and developing a plan are considered an action steps by the way).

Because Tom has not taken any action, his family, friends and co-workers do not take him seriously and they shrug him off when Tom begins talking about his dream of becoming a multimillionaire.  He is frequently told that he’s living in a fantasy world and soon Tom accepts that statement as true.  Tom never makes a move toward his dream.   A majority of the population is like Tom and do not pursue their dreams because they fail to take action and lose hope.

Now what if Tom had enrolled in a class or training, or taken some other action step toward his dream?  He likely would have received a lot more support and developed the confidence he needed to keep moving toward the goal.  There will always be people who doubt us and I’m in no way implying that the negative reactions of others should be taken seriously.  What I am saying is there is power in action that will silence negative people as well as any negative thoughts that our own minds may be producing.  By not taking action, Tom is slowly becoming the biggest skeptic of all.  See, while Tom is merely thinking about becoming a multimillionaire, his mind is also implanting thoughts of doubt and fear.

Nothing spells “I’m serious about this” like action.  Thoughts can only spell “I’m thinking about this” which is why so many people are referred to as dreamers or of having thoughts of grandeur.  They speak, but they don’t act.   Ironically, fear and doubt are generally caused by inaction and the biggest reason for inaction is doubt and fear.

Sounds like a round robin.  So, how do we get off this vicious cycle?

By taking action of course!

  When you take action toward your dream (any action) you are summoning your subconscious mind to be alert and point out the people, places and things that will help you make your thoughts a reality.  You are essentially calling exactly what you need to make this thing happen into your existence.  It has always amazed me how many people reject the theory that we call what we want (or don’t want) into our existence by focusing on it.  Yet we have no problem accepting the fact that we can pick up a small unattached object, punch a few buttons and speak instantly to a person thousands of miles away.   If we can comprehend and accept that we are able to tune into timeless sound patterns and reach a specific destination (without hesitation), then why is it so difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that we can also tune into what we want?  Really ponder that for a few minutes and hopefully it will help you to realize the true power you have to turn your thoughts into things.

Remember, every single thing around you began as a thought.  Everything.  And once you’re tuned in to what you want it’s up to you to take action to manifest it in the physical world.

  Visualization gives you the directions to your destination, and action gives you a lift.


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