Oct 9, 2020
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Why Gratitude is the Key to Abundance

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I began a journey of self-discovery and understanding some years back and I can honestly say that there is no fast-track to a perfect life because life is an ongoing journey of growth and discovery.  We tend to want “success” and “wealth” as fast as possible and will often purchase many books, audios, videos and other such items that promise to make “it” happen overnight.

I’m here now to tell you that unless you stop looking toward some other thing, place or time for your happiness and learn how to enjoy and appreciate the present moment, you have a long and disappointing road ahead of you.

Do not be discouraged by it however, because the truth is that once you learn the art of gratitude and how to appreciate right NOW, your life will transform quickly.  Will you become rich overnight?  It could happen.  But I would advise you not to count on that because it probably won’t happen right away.  The lessons are in the journey and each of our journeys is different.  If you’re only looking to get rich quickly, you have a long way to go, period.

It will be your ability to appreciate the mere fact that you are alive that will open the door to joy, peace and an abundant life that you will not otherwise be able to access.

Most people don’t want to hear that.  They want to hear that what you’re about to read will make you rich, quickly.

I can’t tell you that.

What I CAN tell you is that what you’re about to read can begin to transform your life for the better, quickly.

Why do we want to be rich?  So we can find pleasure in life.  Our type of pleasure varies, but money can certainly help bring it to pass.

Well, what if I told you that you can find pleasure in life, every day, with or without the money?  Is there a difference in how we experience pleasure or is pleasure, pleasure?  It may feel different from one experience to the next, but it’s still pleasure.

This lesson was one of the most difficult to learn and I still practice daily rituals (meditation and thoughtfulness) in order to keep it fresh in my mind.

When I first began my journey I wanted overnight “success”.  I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to find the right “key” to unlock that door.  So many promised it, but at the time I did not understand that they never had a “key” to give me.  I possessed it all along.  The only thing that could be gained from the books, audios and other methods was awareness and understanding.  They pointed the finger to the key and it took me a long time to really get that.  It was exactly the same message being repeated in different ways from different people, leading me out of despair and into awareness.  Awareness of what you ask?  Awareness of self.

Once we become aware of the life energy that we are, we have found the key.  It is the key to a more powerful, happier, healthier, and more abundant life.  We will never really be happy until we learn how to appreciate what we have and where we are now.  It doesn’t matter how much you resist that statement, or if you stop reading this article, or if you dismiss what I’ve just said all together, it will still remain.  I speak from personal experience, and the hundreds of personal experiences I’ve read of others.  Different circumstances, different paths, but always the same experience.

I completely understand that there are some who are in circumstances which are far less than tolerable.  I am not suggesting that you love your circumstances.  I’m not even suggesting that you like them.  It’s our discontentment that causes us to seek change, otherwise we run the risk of complacency.  But discontentment does not have to equal a lack mindset or being unappreciative.  What I am suggesting is that you take the time to appreciate moments.  Perhaps that moment is enjoying a cup of coffee in the soothing quiet of an early morning; or the wellness you feel after a good workout (sometimes known as a “runners high”); or perhaps it’s some other form of pleasure that you experience that’s taken for granted.  The feeling of the warm sun on your shoulders, the softness of a baby, or a cool breeze on a hot day.  It all sounds terribly corny, however these things are what life experiences are made of.  The ability to touch, feel, smell, see – the ability to experience pleasure.

Here’s a controversial statement:  We do not live in lack, we live in absolute abundance.  Do you agree?  It’s true.

Lack is a mindset, drawing to it corresponding energy.  That’s it.  Once that mindset changes to gratitude and appreciation, abundance will flow.  This is a difficult concept to grasp for many and an even harder concept to grasp for those who live in impoverished conditions.  Why?  Because we believe in what we see and we expect more of the same.  When we think in terms of lack, when we look around us in despair or when we look to the future for our “happiness” and our “success” we believe that we don’t have enough.  We may believe that this is all there is for us, or that we are “destined” to live this way. I’m not implying that anyone deserves lack.  I’m simply saying that when we expect it, see it and believe it, we experience it.

What is enough?

Think about something you owned many years ago that you no longer own, but at the time thought you couldn’t live without it.  Guess what?  You’re living without it.  Happiness cannot be found in things, people or places.  We can certainly experience pleasure in them, but it’s fleeting and we eventually find ourselves looking for the next best thing.  If that weren’t true, we would never hear about a millionaire who committed suicide, or a movie star that had a drug and/or alcohol problem.  What could they possibly be lacking if happiness is found in wealth – in things – in “success”?

Our thoughts, and the expectations that are born from those thoughts, create our reality.  Just as a lack mentality can create a lack reality, when we start to expect, see and believe there is abundance, we will then create an abundant reality.  How do we start?  By being absolutely grateful for everything that we have right now.  Find gratitude in simply being alive because as long as we have life, there is hope and the possibility for change.

Begin today to develop an attitude of gratitude, and your life will begin an immediate transformation, bringing to you more things to be grateful for.  It’s the key to an abundant life and it’s already in your possession.

Breath deeply, live fully, love more, complain less, and be thoughtful in every thing that you do.

I began a journey of self-discovery and understanding some years back and I can honestly say that there is no fast-track to a perfect life because life is an ongoing journey of growth and discovery.  We tend to want "success" and "wealth" as fast as possible and will often purchase…

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