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September 26, 2022

An attitude status is a great way to express one’s feelings and establish a unique style. It should be true to one’s personality and represent one’s thoughts. An attitude status can be used to create a lasting impression on people. There are plenty of appealing attitude statuses for boys that can be used on social media profiles or printed for walls. However, picking the wrong attitude status can leave a negative impression on others. Therefore, it is important to choose the right attitude status for your child.

attitude status for girls

Attitude status for girls can be defined as the way a person feels and expresses it through his or her Facebook status updates. Most of the time, a girl is more shy than a boy, so expressing her feelings through a one-liner or caption can help divert attention away from her. As a result, a girl’s attitude is similar to that of a boy’s.

The best way to express a girl’s attitude on social media is to post a status that says something smart and cool. Whether it is a funny or inspirational quote, attitude status is a great way to show off the attitude in a girl. The attitude of a girl is often judged by others, so make sure to choose your status carefully.

A girl’s attitude is critical for navigating life. It expresses her personality and defines her identity. A girl’s attitude is her way of expressing herself and connecting with others. A girl’s attitude can be motivational, funny, sassy, or even mysterious. The more positive your attitude, the smoother your sails will be through life.

attitude status in hindi

In Hindi, you can express your attitude in different ways. One of the most popular ways is through your status on social media. Attitude status in Hindi is one of the best ways to express yourself to your friends and family. You can write this message on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other messaging applications. It is also useful to show your friends that you’re happy and optimistic, so you don’t have to worry about how others will perceive you.

If you’ve recently broken up with a partner, you might be wondering what to write in your attitude status on social media. It is perfectly acceptable to try to appear happy after a breakup, but this doesn’t always translate to happiness. In Hindi, you can express your positive attitude through a status update.

In Hindi, a good attitude means a positive attitude towards others. Having the right attitude is very important if you want to be successful. The right attitude will make the difference between success and failure. So, if you want to succeed in business, your attitude will be key to your success.

attitude status for boys

Attitude status for boys is a good way for a boy to share his thoughts and feelings with the world. The way you think and the way you feel affects what you get in life, so having a positive attitude is crucial. Everybody should strive to adopt a positive attitude. It is essential to achieve success and keep moving forward. Posting positive messages on social media profiles and WhatsApp will help your son express himself. You can also use captions on Instagram and Facebook posts to show your child’s positive side.

Boys with positive attitudes are usually more likely to have a more successful future. They have a better chance at securing a better job and are more likely to have a higher income than those with negative attitudes. Moreover, boys who are less likely to have bad grades are also more likely to be able to find a good job.

You can also find various Hindi statuses for boys on this website. Attitude status for boys is available in both Hindi and English.

attitude status in english

An attitude defines a person’s character and determines the level of humanity within. It also draws a servant closer to its creator. People’s attitudes and behavior are the most accurate reflections of their personalities. Attitude Status can be used as a status in social media. You can also use this status as an image.

An attitude is a way of looking at life and expressing your views and values. It is important to have a positive attitude because it helps you achieve positive results. It’s also okay to have a negative attitude. Sometimes, it’s necessary to be a bit savage in order to accomplish your goals. You can also use attitude captions as a way to show your humorous side.

If you’d like to make a difference in the world, try using an attitude status caption. The right attitude status can help you become more positive and show your positive swag on social media. Besides, a good attitude reflects your personality. You can find a variety of free attitude status English on the internet.

punjabi attitude status

If you are looking for the Latest Punjabi attitude status for Facebook, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find all of the Punjabi attitude statuses on Facebook. Check them out and make sure you share them with friends and family. This way, they’ll know that you have the latest Punjabi attitude status on Facebook.

Punjabi Attitude Status in English and Hindi are both great ways to express yourself on social media. You can download them from various websites and post them on your statuses, and they can be shared with your friends and family. A Punjabi attitude status can reflect your attitude towards life and your situation. You can choose from a variety of different Punjabi statuses and use the most appropriate one to express yourself.

royal attitude status in hindi

You can now get a Royal attitude status in Hindi by 2022. You can find this status on different websites. Among these sites, DevisinhSodha provides daily updates in Hindi and English. You can also check out their Hindi and English blog. The blog is updated frequently with important news and events.

You can also get a Royal attitude status in Hindi for boys. This status signifies your attitude towards life. It helps you express your true feelings and beliefs. It helps you make your life better and more fulfilling. The more positive your attitude is, the more likely you’ll be successful in life. With a Royal attitude status in Hindi, you can achieve your goals.

If you have a royal attitude, the people around you will respect you more. It means that you have a sense of duty, and you will be helpful to others. It’s not uncommon for people to show their appreciation and gratitude for a job well done. It’s also common to get compliments from people who know you well.

In the business world, attitude is everything. It’s a must to succeed. You need to be happy with your job, and have an attitude that inspires others to do the same.

attitude status marathi

Attitude status in marathi is the expression that describes someone’s attitude. It can also be used to describe how one feels towards another person. It can also refer to the self-respect or respect one feels for himself or herself. The words for attitude are: nshibaavr aamhii pnn aahuu nkaa, olkhiicyaaNnaa, and vhaattsaNp kiNp.

In Marathi, there are two different kinds of attitude status: daily and royal. There is also an attitude status for relatives. If you have a good attitude toward others, you are likely to enjoy a good life. However, if you feel bad about yourself, you might want to change your attitude.

Attitude status is a highly valued asset. People pay for their attitudes, which makes it imperative to have a good one. For example, if you have a bad attitude, you will be punished and unable to earn. However, if you have a positive attitude and you are well-educated and motivated, you will likely be able to do anything.

An attitude status in marathi is a type of status that describes how you feel about the way you treat other people. It is often used to describe one’s mood or their approach to a situation. You can choose to express your attitude by giving other people a ‘atta’ or ‘khatrnak’ status. Alternatively, you can describe yourself as a “naab’ or a ‘rubab’.


बैठ जाता हूं मिट्टी पर अक्सर…मुझे मेरी औकात अच्छी लगती है… 🙏🙏💪

अंदाज़ा लगाना छोड़ दो हमारे बारे तुम बस उतना जानते हो जितना हमने बता रखा है॥॥💀

सिकंदर तो हम अपनी मर्जी से है, पर हम दुनिया नहीं दिल जितने आये हे।❤️‍🔥

पैदा तो हम भी शरीफ हुए थे, पर शराफत से अपनी कभी बनी ही नहीं😎

बचपन से ही शौक था अच्छा इंसान बनने का, लेकिन बचपन खत्म और शौक भी खत्म..👿

कोई मुझसे जलता है,
तो ये भी मेरे लिए सफलता है।

बात करो हक़ की
चाहे फट जाए सब की।

खेल तो खेल गए आप
अब अंजाम के लिए तैयार रहना।

मेरा दिमाग खराब नही है,
मैं बंदा ही खराब हूं!

हम बुरे हैं इसलिए जी रहे हैं
अच्छे होते तो दुनिया जीने कहां देती!

काम किया करते है
काम को कल और आज नही कहते
जो तेरे सर पे है मेरा जूता है
इसे सर का ताज नही कहते।

दिल लगाना तो बहूँत दूर की बात है
हम तो किसी को मुँह नही लगाते
जो इज्जत देगा उसको इज्जत मिलेगी
हम हैसियत देख कर सर नही झुकाते

जितना कर सकते हो मुझे उतना बदनाम करो
चलो निकलो अपना काम करो

खामोशी से अपना काम करते है
इसका मतलब ये नही की किसी के बाप से डरते है।

मेरे खिलाफ पहले ही कई अफवाहे दर्ज है
ऐसे में मेरे बुरे हो जाने में क्या हर्ज है

ना कोई शिकवा ना कोई ग़म
अब जैसी दुनिया वैसे हम।😈🖕

ये जो सर पे घमंड का ताज रखते हैं,
सुन लो दुनिया वालो हम इनके भी बाप लगते हैं

तू नया नया‬ है ‪‎बेटे‬..
मैने ‎खेल‬ पुराने ‎खेले‬ है..
जिन ‪लोगो‬ के दम पर तू ‪उछलता ‬है..
वो ‪मेरे‬ पुराने ‎चेले‬ है..

तू जिसके नाम पर अकड़ता है
वो आकर मेरे पैर पकड़ता है.!😈🙏

“आजकल लहजों को थोड़ा आसान रखता हूँ, दोस्त हो या दुश्मन सब हिसाब रखता हूँ II”

“हमें बस पैसों का ही नशा पसंद है II”

“अपनी बातें रखने की हिम्मत रखता हूँ, शायद इसीलिए रिश्ते थोड़े कम रखता हूँ II “

“हम या तो कुछ नहीं करते है, जब भी कुछ करते है कमाल करते है।”

“हम अपने ही शर्तों के फकीर है, जिसे किसी और के शर्तों का सुलतान नहीं बनाना है।”

“मंज़िल की अहमियत तो ठोकरों से लगती है, सही का पता तो गलत से ही लगता है।”

वक्त बदलना है खुद का तो अपने पे घमंड करो।

मुझमे और उनमे फ़र्क इतना था कि उन्हें घमंड खुद पर था और मुझे रिश्ते पर।

हम अकेले ही चलना पसंद करते हैं,
ना किसी के आगे ना पीछे!

हमारा नाम इतना भी कमजोर नहीं है कि,
दो चार दुश्मनों की आवाज़ से बदनाम हो जाए.

हमारे जीने का तरीका थोड़ा अलग है,
हम उमीद पर नहीं अपनी जिद पर जीते है.

Look ही Attitude वाली है,
दिल में कोई घमंड नहीं हमारे.

घायल शेर की साँसे उसकी
दहाड़ से भी ज्यादा खतरनाक होती है.

शेर के पाँव में अगर काँटा चुभ जाए,
तो उसका ये मतलब नहीं की अब कुत्ते राज करेंगे.

गज़ब की धूप है मेरे शहर में,
फिर भी कुछ लोग धूप से नही मुझसे जलते है.

बड़े लोगों से मिलने में हमेशा फ़ासला रखना,
जहाँ दरिया समुंदर से मिला दरिया नहीं रहता.

मेरे आगे ज्यादा अकड़ मत दिखा,
जिस रास्ते पे तू चल रहा हे,
उसपे मैंने धूल उड़ा रखी हे.

अगर लोग आपको नीचे गिराना चाहते हैं !
तो इसका मतलब आप उनसे ऊपर हैं !!

जिनमें अकेले चलने का हौसला होता है !
उनके पीछे एक दिन क़ाफ़िला होता है !!

जब महसूस हो सारा शहर तुमसे जलने लगा !
समझ लेना तुम्हारा नाम चलने लगा !!

“उसूलों पर आँच आये तो टकराना ज़रूरी है !
ज़िन्दा हो तो ज़िन्दा नज़र आना ज़रूरी है !!

वैसे तो बहुत बड़ा दिल है मेरा
पर हर किसी की औकात नहीं
वहां रहने की

Vaise To Bahut Bada Dil Hai Mera
Par Har Kisi Ke Aukaat Nahi
Vaha Rahane Ki

खामोश ही रहने दो मुझे
यकीन मानो मैं जवाब बहुत बुरा देता हूँ!

Khamosh Hi Rahane Do Mujhe
Yaken Mano Main Jawab
Bahut Bura Deta Hoon!

जो जरूरत पड़ने पर औकात दिखा दे
उसे औकात मे रखना बहुत जरूरी है

Jo Jarorat Padane Par Aukat Dikha
De Use Aukat Me Rakhana
Bahut Jaruri Hai

बात भी उन्हीं की होती है
जिनमें कोई बात होती है

Bat Bhi Unhi Ki Hoti Hai
Jinamen Koi Bat Hoti Hai

मुझे में Attitude नहीं है
मेरी Persanality ही ऐसी है

Mujhe Mein Attitude Nahi Hai
Meri Personality Hi Aisi Hai

मुझे भूल जाओ मगर मेरी एक बात
याद रखना दोस्ती और दुआ में अपनी
नियत साफ रखना

Mujhe Bhool Jao Magar Meri Ek
Baat Yad Rakhana Dosti Aur
Dua Mein Apani Niyat Saaf Rakhana

थक कर बैठा हूँ, हार कर नहीं.. सिर्फ बाज़ी हाथ से निकली है…ज़िन्दगी नहीं..!

कुछ लोग अकेले होते हैं, और अकेले ही काफी होते हैं!

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